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FACEBOOK Marketing University 2018

1 006 - Growing Your FB page – Boost Post & Invite

The Ultimate Guide of Building a Huge and Viral FB page.

Earn passive money - You don’t have to sell anything!

- Module 1

  • Introduction
  • The 4 General Rules for starting a new successful FB page!
  •  How to choose a Perfect Category for your FB page – in Depth!
  • Growing Your FB page  – Like Campaign – Strategies not seen anywhere – Those strategies helped president Donald Trump Win the Elections!
  • Growing Your FB page  – Video Like Campaign – Have not seen this discussed anywhere
  • Growing Your FB page  – Boost Post & Invite – Cheap and Effective Way to Start with $1-2 budget for anyone
  •  Growing Your FB page  – Posting Videos to a Related FB groups – So you Don’t get Banned every few days
  •  Growing Your FB page – Size of Audience, Devices, Targeting – The proof is in the pudding.
  •  BuzzSumo  – Most Shared, Trending, Content Analysis, Backlinks – Essential way to grow viral  page right from the start
  • BuzzSumo – FB analyzer  – tool to spy other FB pages – Become a master of targeting and grow-hack your way to the top
  • BuzzSumo – Question Analyzer – This is what we have been waiting for years.
  • Other Tools for Finding Viral Content Ideas  – for Your Website
  • Unlimited Images with a full license for your FB page & Website – Become a FB Publishing Master
  • Unlimited Videos with a full license for your FB page & Website – Become a FB Publishing Master
  • Creative Commons Audio – the Necessary Ingredient
  • How to ask for a license to use other people’s videos on your FB page – Like a Boss
  • The fundamental difference between videos on FB and Youtube
  • How to Create Slide-Show Video from a Viral Videos, Images or Articles – Winning Move to Grow Fast
  • Grow Your FB page  – Offer your videos to a Big FB page, and…
  •  Following the rules of FB so you don’t have headaches
  • Perfect Titles for Your Articles, Videos, Social Media Posts.. Sound Original and Unique – without ClickBait
  • Essential Free Tools for Online Business We use Daily
  • Facebook LIVE VIDEOS – Our Techniques Can Speed up Your Growth by 3x
  • Audience research like a pro – Perfect Customer Avatar
  • Pro-Show Producer Quick Tutorial…Amazing HQ Slide-Show Videos in minutes


The Ultimate Guide in Building a 100k+ mailing list as a BONUS of a Facebook

  • First Rule in Business – Start Growing and Nurturing Your List from DAY 1
  • Growing Your E-mail List with no links in the post – Super-Secret method you Can use on Any Page
  • Growing Your E-mail List with a link over a video, photo  – Perfect Lead Magnet for any Page   
  • Growing Your list with a boosted post to your FB fans – Posts Already proven popular
  • Growing Your list with Lead Ads  – Quick Way to start without FB page with cents per LEAD
  • Building a Super Responsive E-mail List with Free E-mail Course  
  • Treat Your E-mail List with Respect – 7 Rules for 1 Perfect Email Message a Day
  • Lead Magnets from Any Articles on Your Blog in 10 minutes
  • Growing Your list with GiveAway – & Following All the FB Rules – Become a Master of FB


Ultimate Guide in Monetization of your FB page

  • Google Adsense – Perfect optimization for 2017/18 with new ad templates and rules
  • FB Audience Network – 3x Reach and 2x Earnings compared to Adsense – and We Install the Ads for you 🙂
  • Sending a newsletter to your E-mail List, without Losing Subscribers
  • Creating a product – Ideas from BuzzSumo, Yahoo Answers, Relevant Forums – Get Inside their skin


Ultimate Guide on Cooperation and getting in business with big brands and huge pages on Facebook

  •  First Rule – Don’t contact them by FB message – Use Our Unique Guide to Get Most Results
  • Tools to use for getting your messages in Inbox – Get to Inbox 100% of the Times
  • E-mail templates for contact – WIN/WIN scenario for both of you and FB page owner
  • Buying a Videos post on other FB page What Can You Gain from It? 
  • Following Your FB competition – and Getting Ahead of them in 2-3 weeks, Even if you have no previous Knowledge In the Topic
  • Selling & Buying FB pages – What to be careful about! 

The Man Who Helped Donald Tramp Win US Elections



  •  4 Books I recommend for ultimate success and efficiency – 1st One Saved My Life in Marriage
  • Ultimate Self-Analysis test – Free Your Mind and Get It Ready for Success with a Plan
  • Other, creative ways to make money online without investment – Using only FB search
  • Running an Ad and Retargeting for FB pages management – And Then Outsource this Business
  • How to target FB page managers…and offer them a service..in a Unique Way
  • How to target FB page managers…and Offer Them Something That They Can’t Refuse
  • How to target FB page managers…video creation service
  • How to target FB page managers…FB page growing service & Management
  • How to target FB page managers…article writing service 
  • Cold E-mailing – gather 100 e-mail addresses a day from businesses and FB pages – The Whole E-mail sequence Included
  • Cold E-mailing – gather 100 e-mail addresses a day from Youtube Channels  – New Business Model
  • These lists can be uploaded in FB custom audiences and we have a laser-targeted audience….with Retargeting, sales results are imminent.
  • How to monitor if someone is opening you E-mail messages and decide how to act on it
  • BONUS in a BONUS section…!