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Hello guys, It’s Mirko again.

I have built FB pages with TOTAL of 15 million fans in the last several years. That is a big audience, eager to visit viral articles, photos and videos. You can call that power on demand. It brings Half a Million Unique visitors per day to our network of websites, day in and out and of course, good revenue numbers.

Those numbers mentioned don’t including the data of my students, but that number is even more impressive. More than 1200 students total, both in my In-Classroom and Online Marketing programs, most of which in my country in a local language. Combined numbers of my students are the following – More than 100 Million FB fans, 20+ Millions of Daily Unique visitors to their websites, $10+ Million per month combined earning and awesome online learning community, filled with unique growth-hacking methods.

Students total
Combined earning per month
Facebook fans total


Maybe You have heard that a team of individuals from Macedonia, somehow helped US President Donald Trump win the US elections 2016. It was my crew and my students from Macedonia.

Until now, this educational program was only available to Macedonians and in Macedonian language. This vast knowledge is now open to the world. Rules have been changing, together with the FB reach, but it is still possible to build a huge FB page with viral content that your fans will love and earn good money practically on Autopilot.

When growing a FB page, it is very important to choose the right topic,  aproach and audience.

Mirko Ceselkoski – The Man Who Helped Donald Tramp win US Elections 2016