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Adsense Marketing University 2019 !

The Ultimate Way to
Profit From Google Adsense in 2019!

– The Most Advanced Google Adsense Course At The Moment –


The Ultimate Guide of Building a Huge and Viral FB page.

Earn passive money - You don’t have to sell anything!

- Module 1

  • Introduction
  • The 4 General Rules for starting a new successful FB page!
  •  How to choose a Perfect Category for your FB page – in Depth!
  • Growing Your FB page  – Like Campaign – Strategies not seen anywhere – Those strategies helped president Donald Trump Win the Elections!
  • Growing Your FB page  – Video Like Campaign – Have not seen this discussed anywhere
  • Growing Your FB page  – Boost Post & Invite – Cheap and Effective Way to Start with $1-2 budget for anyone
  •  Growing Your FB page  – Posting Videos to a Related FB groups – So you Don’t get Banned every few days
  •  Growing Your FB page – Size of Audience, Devices, Targeting – The proof is in the pudding.
  •  BuzzSumo  – Most Shared, Trending, Content Analysis, Backlinks – Essential way to grow viral  page right from the start
  • BuzzSumo – FB analyzer  – tool to spy other FB pages – Become a master of targeting and grow-hack your way to the top
  • BuzzSumo – Question Analyzer – This is what we have been waiting for years.
  • Other Tools for Finding Viral Content Ideas  – for Your Website
  • Unlimited Images with a full license for your FB page & Website – Become a FB Publishing Master
  • Unlimited Videos with a full license for your FB page & Website – Become a FB Publishing Master
  • Creative Commons Audio – the Necessary Ingredient
  • How to ask for a license to use other people’s videos on your FB page – Like a Boss
  • The fundamental difference between videos on FB and Youtube
  • How to Create Slide-Show Video from a Viral Videos, Images or Articles – Winning Move to Grow Fast
  • Grow Your FB page  – Offer your videos to a Big FB page, and…
  •  Following the rules of FB so you don’t have headaches
  • Perfect Titles for Your Articles, Videos, Social Media Posts.. Sound Original and Unique – without ClickBait
  • Essential Free Tools for Online Business We use Daily
  • Facebook LIVE VIDEOS – Our Techniques Can Speed up Your Growth by 3x
  • Audience research like a pro – Perfect Customer Avatar
  • Pro-Show Producer Quick Tutorial…Amazing HQ Slide-Show Videos in minutes


The Ultimate Guide in Building a 100k+ mailing list as a BONUS of a Facebook

  • First Rule in Business – Start Growing and Nurturing Your List from DAY 1
  • Growing Your E-mail List with no links in the post – Super-Secret method you Can use on Any Page
  • Growing Your E-mail List with a link over a video, photo  – Perfect Lead Magnet for any Page   
  • Growing Your list with a boosted post to your FB fans – Posts Already proven popular
  • Growing Your list with Lead Ads  – Quick Way to start without FB page with cents per LEAD
  • Building a Super Responsive E-mail List with Free E-mail Course  
  • Treat Your E-mail List with Respect – 7 Rules for 1 Perfect Email Message a Day
  • Lead Magnets from Any Articles on Your Blog in 10 minutes
  • Growing Your list with GiveAway – & Following All the FB Rules – Become a Master of FB


Ultimate Guide in Monetization of your FB page

  • Google Adsense – Perfect optimization for 2017/18 with new ad templates and rules
  • FB Audience Network – 3x Reach and 2x Earnings compared to Adsense – and We Install the Ads for you 🙂
  • Sending a newsletter to your E-mail List, without Losing Subscribers
  • Creating a product – Ideas from BuzzSumo, Yahoo Answers, Relevant Forums – Get Inside their skin


Ultimate Guide on Cooperation and getting in business with big brands and huge pages on Facebook

  •  First Rule – Don’t contact them by FB message – Use Our Unique Guide to Get Most Results
  • Tools to use for getting your messages in Inbox – Get to Inbox 100% of the Times
  • E-mail templates for contact – WIN/WIN scenario for both of you and FB page owner
  • Buying a Videos post on other FB page What Can You Gain from It? 
  • Following Your FB competition – and Getting Ahead of them in 2-3 weeks, Even if you have no previous Knowledge In the Topic
  • Selling & Buying FB pages – What to be careful about! 

The Man Who Helped Donald Tramp Win US Elections



  •  4 Books I recommend for ultimate success and efficiency – 1st One Saved My Life in Marriage
  • Ultimate Self-Analysis test – Free Your Mind and Get It Ready for Success with a Plan
  • Other, creative ways to make money online without investment – Using only FB search
  • Running an Ad and Retargeting for FB pages management – And Then Outsource this Business
  • How to target FB page managers…and offer them a service..in a Unique Way
  • How to target FB page managers…and Offer Them Something That They Can’t Refuse
  • How to target FB page managers…video creation service
  • How to target FB page managers…FB page growing service & Management
  • How to target FB page managers…article writing service 
  • Cold E-mailing – gather 100 e-mail addresses a day from businesses and FB pages – The Whole E-mail sequence Included
  • Cold E-mailing – gather 100 e-mail addresses a day from Youtube Channels  – New Business Model
  • These lists can be uploaded in FB custom audiences and we have a laser-targeted audience….with Retargeting, sales results are imminent.
  • How to monitor if someone is opening you E-mail messages and decide how to act on it
  • BONUS in a BONUS section…!
Noone can guarantee that everyone will achieve this results, without daily devoted and concentrated efforts.
I’m in this business for over 20 years. I’m just sharing what works for me and my students. My results are not guarantee that you will achieve similar results. You can score more, the same or less. It totally depends on how hungry for results are you. Getting into business requires big levels of energy, devotion and action. BUT, if you are ready, let’s score World Class results together.