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11 Amazing Tricks to Speed Up Learning New Courses Your Dad Wished to Have in His 20’s!

You will hear people in their 40’s and older say: ” Eh, in our times, things were much more different then they are today! Look what you have turned into! ” Do this, do that” are not the things that most of us want to hear, even though they can be of use (not all of the time, but definitely there is wisdom in them!).


Today’s youngsters are different from what they were a decade or more ago. Not that only the times are changing, but the surrounding is changing. When I say surrounding, I mean the society, the development in science, technology, education … or overall everything has changes! Most of the things relevant to upbringing are more or less changes or are in a process of being changed, all being affected by the ongoing processes of modification, upgrading and evolution of the world we live in.

But to be more specific in the learning segment, what do today’s generation have that our parents did not have?

Here is the list of 11 tricks – and – tips that will help you speed up learning:

1. Computers: There is no doubt that that the ability to use the computers is the number one benefit of our age. The possibilities to have an access to various applications, through different options and tools, is making learning interesting and fun.

The universal utilization of computers for all ages is a plus and their mobility (if you are using lap top) enables limitless freedom of learning wherever and whenever you want. Apart from the chance of reaching these resources for money (cheaper than traditional schools) you have limitless resources for free. Find out more about the available online resources at: Online education resources for free or Eduaction and money!

girl reading lectures

2. Internet: In the times of our parents if you have told anyone the concept of Internet, most probably one would have thought that you are under some sort of “light” stimulants, drunk or have vivid hallucinations!! However, our age enables that via the Internet connections we download lectures, follow them online, attend courses, MOOCS, or obtain all possible grades like in traditional education.

During this, you are the master of your time and the speed of learning. You must not forget the option of having the chance to connect with your peers and teacher and the freedom of communication though social media, in audio and video channels.

3. E-books: The notion of libraries brings sentimental feelings – it is undeniable fact! The mild odor of used books, the silence of the library corridors and the endless lines of books brings the notion of being at the right place of expanding your horizons in all possible ways.

There is much in the exceptionality in the feeling of being in a library, but imagine the advantage of having the same amount of resources in simple document folders, the freedom of accessing them literally everywhere, as many times you wish…well, you must admit – an advantage and a convenience! New moments in e-books: with the expanding trend of audio books, we will be listening instead of reading the books, which is just another pampering worth using them.

This temptation is hard to resist, you will have to admit! Resources: www.audible.com, www.audiobooks.com

4. Social networks: The social networks coming with the expansion of the Internet are not only a place to exchange photos, chat or meet somebody, they are limitless place to exchange learning experiences, to obtain first hand views of the educators and the educated, without restriction, sometimes without censure, frankly and free. Linked in and Google + education circles are great place to exchange views, articles, post and experience on learning.

You will find many more if you search for yourself, but it is better to be with the most reliable and most visited if you wish to have higher quality of information exchange.

5. M-learning: With the appearance of the mobile phones, the possibilities of their utilization are increasing with its every new generation and model. Today the mobile phones are everything, in addition of being a means of communication. They are handy, portable, easy to navigate, and you can have your lesson even while waiting for your bus, flying or waiting in a long queue!
Find out more at : Discover the magic of m-learning .

6. Internet libraries: I have mentioned the extraordinary feeling of visiting library above, but in our days we all have the exceptional chance to visit this magnificent places, plus having Internet connection and resources that are available online.

In an Internet library you can attend the e-learning classes, MOOCS, courses or any other mode you decide to upgrade your knowledge. An excellent choice for becoming richer in knowledge, and when you learn your lessons in practice. Read more at: Online education resources for free

learning board

7. Readers: Book readers are another very useful tool when expanding your knowledge. Kindle reader is a handy tool that enables downloading of as many books you wish, having it placed in your bag or pocket, carry it literally everywhere, as it does not require Internet connection to be used. Very good tool to gain knowledge by reading books and expert literature.

8. Blogs and forums: These are becoming very popular with the expansion of Internet. Apart from the possibility of having a chance to have an insight into the blog authors’ perspective of analyzing the learning communities, they offer extraordinary opportunity to check and double check your decision to enroll at a certain course or obtain a particular degree. More resources at : Top edu blogs!

9. Virtual classrooms: The name tells it all! You are connected online with the students of your course or grade, watching the professor presenting the lesson, being able to participate in the activities of the ongoing class, an all in the commodity of your home, vacation resort or a place of your choice.

10. Internet TV: Television is not any more only “the magic box” that everyone seats in front of and watches the favorite show, movie or a sport game. It has expanded into vivid, interactive tool where you can watch several programs at a time, connect to Internet and use it as a big screen computer.

We have explained the Internet and the computer combination and utilization in online learning and the benefits of having then as educational resource. If you want a really big screen you can connect it with your computer, as well… but the option of having it by itself is an advantage.

11. Open minded approach: This is not a tool, nor a gadget that a famous gig or genius has invented it! This is you and your desire to learn, this is the way you see things, this is you wanting to achieve more and upgrade your skills and knowledge!

Approach the above mentioned resources with and open mind, without prejudices and dogma and you will be amazed how much you can achieve. There is nothing better than the determination to be free in gaining knowledge and use it for your own improvement, better job or enabling earning possibilities.

Still having second thoughts? I do not think so! Your father would be proud of you, for taking the first steps in improving your skills and becoming a better person. Do not restrain or hesitate – plunge into the free e-learning resources and have all the fun and knowledge in the world!

My educational background is in social sciences. I have B.A. in English Language and Literature, Faculty of Philology and MSc Communication, ISPII, both within the University Sts Cyril and Methodius, Skopje, Macedonia.
The constant interest in new media, social studies, methodology of social researches, public relations, globalization and communication, public opinion, computer communication and cyber culture, communication theories, management in media and cultural institutions, education, literature and English language development trends  have helped me develop the www.onlinecultus.com
For more details about me, you can visit: Aleksandra Arsik 


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