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The Most Important Micro Investment for the previous year

I have an excellent advice that I want to share. Analyzing my stats and revenue data from the previous 8 – 9 months I have come to a conclusion for what has been my best micro investment in the previous 12 months.

It has a simple name: HP Laser Jet P1102 🙂 and here it is:

HP Laser Jet P1102

I know it sounds funny at first, but let me explain. During the previous few years and more, I regularly browsed internet marketing forums, blogs and expert resources related to this industry – making money online and internet marketing.

So many times I would stumble upon some useful resource, like an excellent forum thread, 2-3 pages long informative blog post or a short eBook I just purchased. But all that would eventually be stored in some folder and collect digital dust. Sometimes I would read a part of it, the other times I would place it in a folder called “to do” or “eBooks for reading”….

But the end result was always the same, even if you read some useful resource, you don’t usually have time to take action at that exact moment when you finish reading the book/thread/blog post and when you actually do have time to do the execution part you have already completely forgotten about it.

But last summer I have found a solution for this problem. Instead of using the office printer for my personal printing needs, I bought a personal printer HP LaserJet P1102 and placed it right by the monitor on my big (actually huge) desk. Yes, near me and ready to print instantly every  resource I find good enough to aid my marketing campaigns.

  • PDF eBooks are the easiest to print, PDF format is one of the best for printing purposes.
  • Forum posts  – There is usually a button for showing a printable version of the forum thread, but you can also convert the whole thread (page by page only) to a PDF document for a printing and reading later (by choosing print with a right mouse button).
  • Thread Tools -> Show Printable Version:
    printable version of forum thread

    Right Click -> Print:
    print to pdf

  • Blog posts – the same tactics like the forum posts…

I usually use Saturday for categorizing materials that are next in line for reading and studying and I have piles labeled with: Backlinks & SEO, Adsense, Youtube, Copywriting, Email Marketing & List Building, Product Creation.

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