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Top 4 Books on Entrepreneurship you don’t wanna miss

Hello guys and gals.. I was thinking about what is the best way to start my money making blog and have come up with an idea to present you the books that have helped me a great deal on my road to financial freedom and entrepreneurship and literally transformed me from a lazy disorganized person to its opposite.

The books should be read in this order for a maximum effect.

Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill

01) Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill – absolutely brilliant, all aspects of life –  a motivation, a proof that you can achieve anything you can imagine by deeply embedding that idea into your brain, firmly believing, making a detailed plan, setting a goal and taking action. The secret described in this book is being used by many famous and successful people in all aspects of life and industry!

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Eat That Frog, Brian Tracy

02) Eat That Frog – Brian Tracy – time management, priorities, efficiency, and top rules followed by the most efficient and successful people in the world…Did you know that by having that daily plan on a piece of paper in front of you places you in TOP 3% of the most organized people?

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Millionaire Next Door

03) The Millionaire Next Door – actual life of Millionaires in America, what do they do, what cars they drive, what do they spend most on, 20 years old study, with fantastic small details that can mean so much in your quest for financial freedom and good life!

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The Richest Man in Babylon

04) The Richest Man in Babylon – money management/investment, paying your debts, useful advices and rules in money management dating back 30 centuries ago and they still apply to this world today!

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I encourage you to read all of them in the order they are listed above, and engage in discussion here.. I’ll be updating this list from time to time, but these books are literally a must to start with.

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